Manangatang P-12 College is a rural school located in a close knit community in the Mallee. Our motto, ‘Onwards and Upwards’, reflects our determination to capitalise on all opportunities to provide students with an education that will develop skills and competencies from their Foundation year through to Year 12 so that a preferred life pathway is identified and enabled.

Our goal at Manangatang P-12 College is to work together to provide our students with a rich learning environment

Our college values which are Responsibility, Resilience, Respect and Relationships are embedded in everyday expectations across the college community and have enabled strong and positive relationships between staff, students, families and the broader community.

The college is proud of its fine academic results and of its excellent physical resources.

Our facilities include a multi-functional stadium, a multi-purpose library, an expansive agriculture plot which the students work and manage, a fully equipped technology centre and a science lab.  Each room is equipped with technology used to access the latest resources and information. Year 11 and 12 students have their own private study area and common room.

Manangatang P-12 College caters for all students.  The college provides comprehensive courses and learning experiences both locally and beyond.  Starting in their primary years, students are nurtured to form a positive ‘can do’ mindset and to develop work habits that are further developed in their secondary years.  The small class sizes allow for learning experiences and courses to be tailored to suit the needs of the students.

Our staff are conversant in 21st Century employability skills, they are encouraged to be innovative thinkers and practitioners.  They shape their teaching to include enterprise opportunities and other skills like digital literacy, languages, creativity, problem solving, presentation skills, communication skills, financial literacy, team work and critical thinking. Student achievement is monitored very closely by each teacher and developmentally structured classroom programs cater for the individual needs of students within a culture of academic excellence.

Whilst many career opportunities represent the agricultural and horticultural development of the surrounding areas, others reflect the range of professions found beyond our district.  At VCE and VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) levels, students are able to select courses which guarantee pathways to further studies at University and TAFE, training and employment of their choice.

The Careers Program ensures students have the opportunity to explore their interests and passions as well as a range of careers.  Small student numbers means they have a genuine voice in shaping what subjects are taught in the Secondary and Senior Secondary years.  A timetable is developed each year based on their aspirations and chosen pathway.

The college strives to ensure that every student has a clear pathway that will bring them happiness and success

Manangatang P-12 College is an outstanding place for learning, with a well-articulated curriculum and an outstanding learning environment.

Parents and community members are encouraged to participate and become involved at our school. We actively ask for your support, ideas and suggestions. Our incredible Parents and Friends organises and funds some of our most popular programs and activities. I encourage you to get acquainted and get involved. You will find the effort enjoyable and rewarding.

We hope you will find that Manangatang P-12 College is truly a place where learning is joyful and children delight in coming to school.


Linda Connell

  • Acting Principal
  • VCE Chemistry
  • Technology

Steve Taylor

  • Year 3/4 Home Group Teacher

Donna Mackenzie

  • Year1/2 Home Group Teacher

Kaylene De Pyle

  • Science

Phil Matthews

Natalie Plant

  • 7-10 Agriculture
  • 10/11 Health
  • 7-10 Careers & Personal Development
  • Careers Advisor

Sarah Plant

  • F-10 Sport & Physical Education
  • 7-10 Sport, Physical Activity and Community Education (SPACE) Elective
  • LA Leader PE and Health
  • Sports Coordinator
  • Student Leadership/Student Voice

Steve Goodwin

  • Senior (9-11) Home Group Teacher
  • VCE General Mathematics
  • Year 9-10 Maths
  • Year 7-10 Inquiry Science
  • Year 9-10 Science
  • LA Leader Science and Mathematics
  • Numeracy Coach
  • VCE Coordinator

Ilana Leeds

  • Year 7/11 English
  • Humanities

Tarryn Plant

  • Year 5/6 Home Group Teacher
  • English
  • Mathematics

Nicholas Vine

  • Maths
  • Physical Education
  • English
  • Year 7/9 Health

Kim Critchley

  • Wellbeing Coordinator
  • Education Support

Lisa McNicol

  • Year 5/6 Health

Paula O’Bryan

  • Year F/1 Teacher

Leonie Carroll

  • Librarian
  • Education Support
  • Student Netbook Coordinator
  • Book Club Coordinator

Jules Pilgrim

  • F/6 Humanities & Health

Kylie McKenzie

  • Business Manager
  • OHS Staff Rep

Nicola Kydd

  • Office Administration
  • Compass Manager

Robynn Thomas

  • Education Support
  • Presentation Evening Coordinator

Ann Grant

  • Lab Technician
  • Office Administration
  • Linkup Newsletter
  • Website Maintenance

Sarah Johnson

  • Education Support

Marney Rollinson

  • Education Support

Lisa Carroll

  • Art and Textiles
  • STEM

Nick Lehner

  • Garden Maintenance


College Council is the official governing body of the College. The role of the College Council is to develop and approve the College Strategic Plan that identifies goals and priorities to be achieved over a period of time; to develop and ratify local policy; to approve the annual budget; and to maintain the College facilities. Our College Council meets on the third Wednesday of the month throughout the school year.

The Council currently consists of eleven members, three staff, three students and five parents. If you want more information about the College Council or are interested in becoming a member please contact the college office.


The first school opened at Manangatang on September 26 1914 with thirty pupils.
In the past, the area within an approximate radius of 32km of Manangatang has seen 53 schools in operation.
In 1946 a collection of little schoolrooms from outlying areas were placed along Piangil Road, our current location. This became the Manangatang Consolidated School and opened with 165 children attending.
St Patricks Catholic School opened February 5th, 1963 with an enrolment of 97. In 1977 the secondary component closed and the students transferred to the Consolidated school.
Construction of the current school complex began in July 1982. The enrolment at the time was 200 students. These numbers were boosted when St Patricks closed in December 1982.
Our Music room was the original Moondah school which opened on January 11th 1925 with 9 students. The Moondah school closed in 1946 and the building was transported to Manangatang as a classroom for the new Consolidated school.
The present Primary wing, was built in 2011 as part of the Building Education Revolution.  This was an Australian Government program administered by the Department of Education, designed to provide new and refurbished infrastructure to eligible Australian schools and accommodates all the Primary classes and includes a central area for assemblies.